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Having first impressions, my experience

Here is my experience getting my first impressions done.

I went in to get my impressions done. I had read up on the subject. I was very very scared. I had teeth that were broken off and very rotted. I also was using a temp. dental stuff on a tooth to keep air and food out of a tooth. He had his assistant find the proper retainer for me. She came in with a little case full of these plasitc retainer sort of things. She started with the smallest one and worked her way up. She had to insert each one and see how it lined up in my mouth. Once she found the size that I needed the dentist came back in and explained what all would happen. He would be putting a goo stuff in my mouth, sort of like a very thick pudding and very very cold. He told me that it will ooze all over but dont be concerned even if i swallow some it will not hurt me. That sure relieved me. Then he would be putting the plastic retainer thingy in on top of that, the goo then would form to a soft impression. kinda like a playdoh model of my mouth. Well we got started, he put the goo in, oh it was cold. Then he put in the retainer thingy. I was really scared at that point. I have an awful gag reflex. Some of it tried to go down my throat I was trying to swallow it but it was so thick. I had to make myself calm down and breathe then swallow that worked fine. It was oozing everywhere lol. Well then just a couple of minutes later and he went to pop it out. I was VERY scared of this. I thought that it would hurt pulling away from those awful teeth and the temp stuff. It didnt hurt a bit. Didn't even pull the temp stuff off of the tooth. He did that for the top and bottom. He then told me that he would send that in to the lab to make my immediate set of dentures. That it would take about a week or two for them to get them back. He would schedule me an appt for when they came in. It was two weeks later that I went in for my extractions. I hope this helps eliminate some fears that others have, because I was very very scared of this procedure and turned out to be a piece of cake.