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Below is an update about me getting my permanent upper and lower partial.

Got my final uppers and lower partial on 12-13-04

OK I am soooo Mad. I typed I know forever. Got everything down right. Then I lost my internet connection. Lost everything that I had typed.... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SOOOOOOOOOO MADDDDDDDDDDDDD
Give me a bit and I will redo it I am going to sit and fume for a bit lol.
Ok I am now ready to tell it all lol. Let me back track a bit first. I thought that I would have my new teeth for Thanksgiving. To my disappointment I had to go in for another try-in instead. My dentist told me that there were a few things that he wanted to tweak before he sent the impressions to the lab to have my denture made. I had the final try-in on Dec. 6th. He had me make an appt to come in on Dec 13 to get my permanent upper and lower partial. I was so excited. That was the longesttttttt week lol.
  I went in on Dec 13th, upon arriving in the office I see a tray with a upper denture and a lower partial. Oh I was excited. He had me remove my immediates and handed me the new upper. I was nervous then tried inserting it. OUCH it scraped my gum. He told me that he would adjust it some. He left the room and came back with it said ok this should be better. I got it in this time but it still scraped the gum going in. I was thinking ok I just have to adjust to this new one. He then inserted the lower partial for me. Thank goodness for that. It looked like a foreign spider sort of thing to me. It fit like a glove. It felt really tight. In fact it put a little pressure on the teeth it attached to. Just have to adjust to is all. He then handed me a mirror. OH I was in Heaven. That smile made all the pain, the waiting, everything worth it. I was so pleased with my new smile. The dentist and his assistants were all around me telling me how wonderful it all looked. He then told me that he wanted me to come back in 24hrs to make sure they were not causing any sore spots etc, then one week later, and finally a 3 wk follow up.
  That evening I showed some of my girlfriends. They were so full of compliments for me. They told me that the immediate set had looked so wonderful. They told me they didnt think that the permanents  would look so much better but they did. They were just amazed at the look of them. I was just basking in all of the attention.
  That night I took them out and brushed and all. It hurt when i took them out. They scraped my gum where it had before. The next morning it took everything I had to put them back in. IT HURT! WEll when I got to the dentist he said yes I see where it scraped let me adjust them. When he gave them back they felt better. They didnt hurt at all in my mouth, they fit like a glove. Just the getting them in and out was painful.
  That night I used my Zilactin on the sores that helped some what. Well I had a week before my next appt. So I started trying different ways of inserting and removing seeing I could find a way of getting them in and out without scraping the gums. Well I found that if I put them in by putting the back of the denture up first then slowly raising the front into place it didnt scrape. And pulling down in the back first then swinging the front out and away from the gums that didnt hurt either. Finally I had the hang of those new teeth.
  Well at the one week mark. I went in and explained it all to the dentist. I told him that I have two little protrusions in the front wear the eye teeth would me and that if I just push em up into place it scrapes. I then explained how I had been doing it and it didnt hurt at all. So I didnt really think I wanted him to do any adjusting because if he adjusted them I was afraid I might lose some of the retention that I had. He told that everyone one is different and has different ways of inserting and removing their dentures. That there is no right or wrong way its what ever works best for you. He also agreed that I didnt need an adjustment. He said that those two little protrusions would help later down the line when I got older and started having some bone loss that those protrusions would help me keep a good fit. He also said that due to what the dental community refers to as a "deep vault" that I have really good suction to the roof of my mouth. He said that some people have a flat sort of palate and that the retention is not as good. With the deep palate that I have I was an excellent candidate for an upper plate. That made me feel better about how my dentures would fit as I got older. He also told me that the lab tech had called him before making my final denture. He said that usually he only changes a couple of things from the immediate to the permanent ones. He said that for mine he had a page full of changes he wanted to make. The tech wanted to know what was up. The dentist told him that she needs these changes to have the best smile for her face. And told him to get busy on it. That really made me feel special that he was so concerned to make sure that I had the best possible smile for my bone structure etc. He had me take pictures on my one week check up so that he could send them to the tech to show him how well they turned out.
   He said that due to the fact they were fitting so well and I didnt have any problems that I would not need to come in for the 3 wk follow up unless I had any new sore spots or problems pop up in the meantime. Otherwise I wouldnt need to come back in until I was ready for my semi annual lower teeth cleaning. I made an appt for that at the beginning of Feb. 2005.
  I then talked to him about my website. I told them that I have my own website that I am using as a support sort of site for fellow denture wearers like myself. I told him that I had posted pictures of my progress so far. I then asked him if there was any way that I could get copies of the pictures that he had taken along the way. I explained that I only had a cheap web camera and that I was having problems with showing good clear details. He told me no problem. He would go thru all of my records and get the pictures and put them on a cd for me. He took quite a few pics before I had any extractions as well as with my immediate and permanent dentures with his professional digital camera. I cant wait to get that disc. I am sure that with those you will really be able to see a lot of differences that my web camera doesnt show. He also said that I could post a link to his website from mine. I told him that I hadn't even posted his name on my website to protect his privacy. He said that I could be his spokeswoman, I giggled at that. He then asked if it would be ok for him to post before and after pics of me on his site. He said that it would only be mouth shots not whole face shots. I told him that was fine, in fact that was what I thought he had taken some of those pictures for. But that really made it when he was asking my permission before he did it.
   I could never have asked for a more caring dentist and staff. I owe my beautiful smile all to them and their caring attitudes. I truly am grateful for everything that all of them have done for me. From the bottom of my heart THANKSSS!!!!
   As far as how I am doing now. Its now after Christmas 12-30. I am so enjoying my new smile. I managed to eat corn on the cob last night. I havent even attempted it before now. I figured it was about time to see if I could. And I actually managed to clean that cob lol. Me and the lower partial have a love/hate relationship lol. I love the way they look and feel in my mouth. They fill out my cheeks no more sunken cheeks here lol. The only thing is that food gets under that little thing. I know that I could use adhesive and it probably wouldnt happen but I dont know about doing that. I dont know if I could get all the residue of adhesive off of all the little protrusions of the partial. And i dont like having something stuck so tightly. I like to know that I can pop them out whenever I want. SO for now I wear them all day but sometimes when I eat I go and drop them in the denture bath so I dont have to fuss with them eating. They do not hurt at all so at least thats not a problem. Hopefully I will get more adjusted to them and not have this problem but until then I will just keep on trying.
   All in all I AM A VERY HAPPY WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could never have imagine almost a year ago I was so ashamed and so fearful of a tooth ache and now here I sit with confidence out of this world and a new smile to prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!