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Paste Versus Powder 

My experience with Fixodent Paste Adhesive Edit

I finally have reached the point I need some holding power on my denture. At dinner on 4-15 I was having some real problems eating. Every time I went to chew seemed like my denture was just flopping all around in my mouth. After dinner and kids went to bed was time for me and hubby time. I had an awful time. Didn't want to tell hubby that it felt like my teeth were falling out of my mouth. Would have just killed the moment. So I stuck it out and did my best. Had to constantly create the suction on the denture, suck em back to the roof of my mouth. It was so awful. So on 4-16 decided to use Fixodent (complete) adhesive. I put a little strip around the palate part of my denture. My dentist had told me if I needed to use it, use it only on the palate part until the gums are healed. So thats what I did. Felt ok, the teeth still didnt seem to stay completely still. But the plate itself wasnt going anywhere. I chewed my food just fine didnt flop all around in my mouth. Just have to get used to it. The fixodent created a seal with my denture and palate. It reminds me of using silicone on a windowseal, gasket on a car part. Seals it, stays put, but it gives a little when chewing. So there was a little tugging not anything hurtful just the give and take of the adhesive and the mouth. If that makes sense. I guess I will get used to it just a new different experience. I can't wait for the gums to heal. I have heard so many positive comments on the powder adhesive just have to wait til my gums heal to try it out. Will let ya know how it goes lol.

  At the end of the day to remove the dentures. I held really warm water in my mouth for about 30 seconds and pulled popped right out, didn't hurt. But the mess UGGH!! had to scrape the goo off the denture. And the roof of my mouth was ICKY! so I did extra clean up that night but worth it. Knowing that my denture will stay PUT!!!

  After the first time experience I can say I will be using it again today just so I know that I can eat whenever I get good and ready without fear of my teeth falling out lol. Oh and kiss my hubby without fear lol.

First Experience with Fixodent Ultra Hold Powder 4-23-04

I was to meet my hubby for lunch. I decided to use the powder for the first time. I used the powder before I left to meet my hubby. I didnt use a whole lot afraid it might hurt when i took it back out. It was nice and tight. Ate pizza for lunch chewed it just fine. I still have to cut my food up though lol. I can deal with that. Well it seemed to be getting loose this afternoon so I decided to take it out and check how it did, it seemed a little loose. I just popped it right out no problems at all. NO goop on the denture, NO goop on the palate. Looked clean. I brushed everything and coated the whole inside of the denture good before putting it back. WOW best fit I have had since I got them. I am amazed!!!!! I just drank some iced tea to see if the liquid would make it looser. NOPE!!! still just as tight. I am sold lol. I wont be using that goopy stuff anymore lol. I was having this problem with the paste/gel  kind, it would loosen up, not to the point of falling out but the point of whenever i would bite down the would squish back to the roof of my mouth. Was a real pain. I was constantly squishing couldnt take my mind off of it was afraid it mite fall any minute. But Now I am in HEAVEN!!!!! OH thank everyone so much for telling me about the powder. Best stuff ever made as far as I am concerned. I managed to eat a bowl of crunchy cereal, didnt have to wait for it to get soggy!!! I finally feel like this denture belongs in my mouth! I will not be going back to the paste. I will carry a small tube in my purse just in case but other than that the paste is history around here lol.