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My dentist visit 4-12


Dentist Appt. 4-12
First question I had was about not having to use adhesives yet. I was told by the dentist that I have a deep palate so there is more suction there so thats probably why I am not having to use adhesives. He also did what everybody calls a soft reline and that made everything nice and snug. Let me explain what exactly a soft reline is because everybody talks about it but doesnt explain it. Dentist put some goo in my mouth was similar to the goo to make the impressions. Doesnt taste bad or hurt just gooey lol. Doesnt really have a taste or smell though, some have said the taste was awful. Didn't really bother me. Maybe after the awful taste of them left in for a week made me immune lol.  Then he placed the top denture back in on top of the goo. Told me to bite down. Then said good, good, and had me open back up and take it out again. The assistant got the remaining goo left in my mouth out. Dentist comes back in (the goo forms to fit the gaps between the gums and denture then hardens to stay on the denture, doesnt hurt) and places my denture back in and tells me you might not notice the difference right away (which I didnt). I couldnt wait to get back home to take it out and check out the difference he made and what it looks like. Well when I got home I looked at, didnt look any different the goo forms to the same color and all as the denture. But boy oh boy the difference now is amazing. Forms right to my gums and stays there.