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My feelings about adusting to the sight of an empty mouth and new dentures

When I first got home with my new teeth. I had to check em out. To me they seemed soo HUGE!! I looked like a rabbit. They seemed to be buck teeth to me and just tooooo BIG for my mouth. I had read that this was to be expected. I still didnt like the look but I was going to deal with it. I was determined to make this work. After the first week the swelling went down some but I still had a buck toothed rabbit look, or at least I thought so. I went in for my first dentist visit after extractions one week later. The dentist removed them for me the first time. Told me how to get them out the easiest and how to reinsert them. Well after that visit I went to the store.  Bought new toothpaste, new mouthwash, and the zilactin for the sores, everything that the dentist reccomended I bought lol. I was armed and ready! Or so I thought lol. I got home and went to take them out. I was really scared I was going to hurt myself. But it had to be done. I took them out and just stared at myself in the mirror. I was checking out all those empty sockets. Was very interesting seeing it like that. My tongue was probing all over checking it all out. After that I just stood back and smiled without the teeth. I didnt like that at all. I seemed so old to myself. Reminded me of my mom without her teeth a typical granny. I brushed my denture for the first time, I was so scared I was going to mess them up or drop them. I did follow what I had read and brushed them over a sink of water. (Read that the denture is very fragile, it can break if dropped, if done over a sink of water they would just slowly float to the bottom instead of drop and break in the sink) They seemed so huge in my hand, the teeth themselves seemed wayyyy tooooo big. After brushing my denture, my palate, my tongue lol, I couldnt get those teeth back in fast enough. Well I kept going thru this for the next few days. After a few days I was getting more comfortable seeing myself. I got to the point I would laugh at myself in the mirror. Knowing that I was toothless but no one would ever know if I didnt want them too. I can just pop my teeth back in and be on my merry little way lol. I am now at four weeks post extractions and couldnt be any happier with my new smile. The swelling has finally went away. In fact my hubby told me this am 4-21, that your teeth seem just the right fit now. They dont seem so big and the dont protrude like before. I really was glad that he could see that too. I now feel a lot more confident handling my denture, they dont seem so big, in fact they seem JUST RIGHT! I have a nightly ritual. I take my denture out and clean them, clean my entire mouth. I then inspect my gums and look at the healing sockets. Some are almost closed. I can tell the difference now with my tongue. I run my tongue all over the place and look at the gums real closely now making sure that nothing has crept into those still open sockets. I am much more comfortable now with the whole process. I look at myself without my teeth. I think to myself, I maybe toothless but what I have done has improved my oral health, boosted my self confidence, just really improved my life 200%. I am so glad that I finally had all of this done. It has been well worth every ounce of pain, ups, downs, and in betweens to be at the point I am at right now. I am so Happy I cant even put it into words. And after years of bad teeth, my mouth feels so clean and wonderful. Its an amazing feeling having a clean healthy mouth again after so many years of pain, decay, etc.