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Hello, My name is Dena. These pages are about my journey getting dentures. I began my journey with my first appt in Jan '04'. I start my story with a little history of my dental problems, my first consult, having impressions done, extractions and immediates placed. To go in order on my site start at the top on the left and continue thru each page. 


Check out "Whats New" at the bottom of this page!  

My Before Pic
As You can see, not smiling at all

On these pages I will go thru my history of dental problems. My story on my journey to a beautiful smile. I will include pics of me before which are not so nice, my dentures, my healing gums, and my beautiful new smile. I also have a link to my email feel free to contact me about anything related to Dentures. I am still learning myself. I have ton of stuff in the Postings Section. I have now learned more about site building and will be posting my dentist visits on the main page instead of the postings section.

I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, so you should check back often.

What's New?

Christmas 2006
still smiling!

September 7, 2006 Well its been awhile since I have posted anything so I thought its about time to do some updating. I plan on getting some new pics soon I have just been soooo busy with getting kids back to school, work, and housework. Does a womans work ever end? I dont think so lol. Well as far as how I am doing these days. I am still as happy as I have ever been with my smile. I still look back and think about how much I had to go thru and wonder would I do it again? UM YES!!!! I would in a minute. I would never have imagined that I would be this happy with dentures. I was thinking mostly about getting rid of the pain. So now to enjoy the pleasures of my dentures. Being able to smile and laugh and joke with family and friends not to mention total strangers and they dont stare at my awful teeth. To all those that have emailed or have thought about emailing, YES its all worth it and I would reccommend anyone in my situation to do the best that they can to get their dental work done it will make you a whole new person. I also want to stress the fact that dentures are not just for old people. They are for anyone and everyone that needs them. If you need glasses you dont think hey they are for old people or  I am too young for glasses well dentures are the same way as far as I am concerned. If you need them its a fact and just do it. I am so happy to be at this stage in my life and being able to smile about it is the icing on the cake. Take care everyone and if you need some answers or just a shoulder feel free to email me I will try to reply as soon as I can. Have a great day!!!!

Sincerely Dena

March 2008, Well let me do some updating lol. Well I went about 9 months smoke free but I didnt win that battle. I think I might try again to quit in the future but for now that is my only vise so I guess thats not so bad. I am soon to be a grandma or NANA as I have asked to be called lol. I feel way to young to be a grandma. My daughter is expecting on June 25th. I was really upset with the fact in the beginning but now I am so EXCITED! Now on to the denture adventure. I am still completely happy with my smile. I LUV IT!!!!! I am still at the point I do not have to use adhevisve thank goodness. I did use it once last summer. We went on a family vacation to a theme park well before I went I used it. I saw too many Funniest Home Videos where they have there teeth pop out on a ride lol. I wasnt taking any chances with that. Other than that all is well in my world. I have truly enjoyed recieving so many positive emails regarding my site. I am just so glad that so many people have found my site and found it very helpful. I will try to update again soon with some new pics. Most moms out there can probably relate  to this..... I am the pic taker so most of our family albums are of kids, hubby, pets etc but not many of me. I will try to get some new ones soon. So for now let me close with a smile and wish everyone the best!!!!!

December 2008 Ok so its been awhile since I posted. I am still getting a lot of emails keep em coming. If you email me and I dont respond please email me again. I have a very busy life lately and a lot of my emails end up in my junk folder. I try to reply to everyone that writes me. How I am doing now.... First off let me say that we welcomed our new grandson Hunter on June 29th. I am one proud Nana!!!!! As for me, I am as happy as ever. Well except the laugh lines I am now getting around my eyes and mouth but heck what should I have expected with being able to smile and laugh again lol. I am still not having to use any adhesive and my smile is great as the day I got it lol. Well let me close for now, may I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

PS I am posting a couple of new pics in the My New Smile section and My family section. Go take a look.

PSS I finally found gum that I have no problems with. I have even had fellow denture wearers test it for me lol. Any brand or flavor long it is the chicklet style. The hard shell square type gum. For some reason the mix of this style will not stick I have tried them all Orbit, Dentyne etc etc

Sincerely Dena

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