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My dentist appt 8-26



Lets see,  I went in on 8-26 for my appt. First off my dentist had to trim down one side of my denture it was cutting into my upper gum area. After that was done we discussed what all was coming in the next few months. He told me that he wanted me to heal a bit more before starting work on my permanent denture. So he had me scheduled an appt for Oct 25th. He said that on the 25th we would start by taking new impressions. He asked if I would be able to come in once a week for six weeks. He said that we would be doing lots of work and going back and forth with the lab making sure that I was completely happy with what the final result of the permanent denture would be. We will also be working on fixing three teeth on the bottom as well as my partial for the bottom. He said that I should be completely finished in time for Thanksgiving. (for those outside of the US that is Nov. 25th) It does seem like a long time for me to get the permanent set. But if it means that I will get a lot of say so and have a good quality final denture then I am all for it. He also said that after I get my permanent set that he is going to take my temp set and do a reline and any adjustments that need to be made so that I will have a very good fitting temp denture as a back up in case anything were to happen to my permanent set.
  I am so excited I jsut cant wait to see what they will look like. As far as how I am doing now..... I am having the time of my life. I truly enjoy being able to laugh and smile without having to cover my mouth. I do not have to use any type of adhesive at all. I am able to eat anything I want. But I will say that some things are just more trouble than they are worth. For instance I can eat a Snickers candy bar but having to deal with all the gooey caramel is sometimes just a big pain so I dont bother lol. I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful dentist. I just cant wait til October to get started on all of this so I will have my permanent set. After I get those I have promised my mom a set of Glamour Shot pictures for Christmas. I havent taken an actual portrait in about 5 years now so it will be a real treat. Well I guess thats all for now to report. Make sure to check back in October when I start the process for my permanent set.

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