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My Partial Denture Adventures by Lee

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My surgery....


I actually got up Friday morning and was not that nervous. I took a Valium one hour before my appt. and it really does calm you but not to the point you feel like your doped up. I had to be at the dentist at 9:30 to sign some papers and start up the IV. Got there and got a little more nervous and they immediately started getting me ready. My loving and caring husband stood around about 2 minutes and was gone.. The dentist had problems getting a vein but I tried to stay cool and after about 3 tries and he got a vein in the back of my hand and it hurt. To make a long story short, my nerves fought the calming medicine and it took a lot to finally knock me out enough where I was not fighting them but I don’t remember any of this. I somewhat remember them waking me up and putting the partial in and asking how it felt and I told them it was sore on one side so he just sent it home with me. I don’t remember much about the trip home or that night or the next morning. I was awake and talking but don’t remember but bits and pieces.. My 12 extraction sites never really hurt a little sore when I talked but that was about it.. He did five or six fillings. I slept most of the weekend.. I never took any major pain meds.. I did take 2 liquid gel Advil’s on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.. The one problem I did have was my arm that I had the iv in.. My hand doubled in size and really hurt.. It started on Friday night and today is Thursday and the swelling finally went down yesterday but is still tender.. He said that all the meds I had inflamed my veins and he called it some medical name but not sure what he said and told me aspirin 2 times a day and damp heat compresses. My partial would never fit right so I went back on Wednesday for adjustments and I felt 2 roots that I thought he may had missed… I was praying I was wrong but no such luck. When he looked in my mouth he could not believe he had left them but said I had been fighting them so bad and had started trying to snatch my iv out.. So I get to go back next Wednesday for extraction on 2 roots. She said that they were all coming out w/ ease on Friday; it was just I fighting them. So he told me to take 2 Valium before I come Wed. and they will just use Novocain. My partial is now in but one of the roots is under it so I am not going to keep them in long at a time especially while I am eating so I don’t aggravate the root. It is causing a sore spot on my tongue so I guess he will have to do some adjusting in that area next Wednesday. I also got my retainer yesterday.. It is different than any retainer I have seen. I am missing the fourth tooth back on each side and the retainer as a fake tooth on each side for me. It feels alright when I have it in my mouth but when I take it out to eat my teeth hurt but I guess all in the name of beauty.. Oh yeah I had dry socket started in one of the teeth and he packed it for me thank God he caught it before it started hurting. I thank God that all the extractions did not hurt me… Maybe since my teeth had been bad for so long my gums were glad they were gone. lol. If anyone has any question please feel free to email. But just a reminder I am a happily married woman and I am only interested in answering questions about my experience w/ teeth. I will update next Wednesday.. Oh yeah I will begin bleaching on bottom in one month after the bleaching the Dentist is going to repair the filling in the 2 front bottom teeth. I will not begin bleaching on top till the retainer does it’s job in 6 to 9 months and then I will get a top partial if I can afford at that time.