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My Partial Denture Adventures by Lee
2 1/2 week update
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2 1/2 week update
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How I am doing at 2 1/2 weeks after extractions.....

Sorry it took so long to write about my appointment with the dentist last week but the hurricane came in and kids were out of school and it was crazy. My appt went just fine. He told me to take to Valium before coming in but I took one and half… I was still a little nervous when I went back. I took my mp3 player with me cause you can barely hear he music in the background and I wanted something loud and my kind of music. He has a machine called The Wand that gives you the Novocain and besides being nervous of the unknown and what I had been thru with a past dentist when I was young it wasn’t bad.. I couldn’t even feel anything going into my gums and the needle is in this pen looking thing that has a tube that runs back to the machine. I felt pressure w/ one of the shots and that was it…I would say he injected me five or six times. One piece of root was in the upper corner and a whole root to a tooth that had broken level w/ my gum was on the bottom on the other side. He let me sit up for a few minutes while the medicine took affect, which I was glad to do. I hate lying back in those chairs. I would do a lot better if they could work on your mouth sitting up. Oh well. He came back in and told me I would feel pressure and maybe hear bone cracked and I told him I could take care of the noise. I put my headphones on turned a fast beat song with the volume wide open and by the end of the song he was finished. That quick I could not believe it. They put the gauze in and told it and me to bite down. He told me now that I had everything done to please not to stop going to the dentist. He said he would need to see me once a month to tighten my retainer. He also said my partial was not going to fit right for about a month and he would do a permanent reline in a month. With the swelling of the new extraction would throw it all off.

So I will go back October 28th  and I will have a cleaning done. This will be my second cleaning I have had in my life. And at that point if everything is healed we will start bleaching on the bottom. After we are finished bleaching in a few months he will redo the fillings in my front 2 bottom teeth. I hope it is included in the price. The price he quoted me was supposed to fix everything. When I went back after my surgery and ask about the 2 front bottom he said he didn’t see any need to do them and the filling might not match the teeth after bleaching. As I said before we will not do the bleaching on the top till the retainer is finished doing its job.

I had a little more pain after these 2 extractions but it wasn’t anything Advil couldn’t take care of. I am having phantom toothaches sometimes. I can’t wear my partial while eating. So I have not ate out at a restaurant yet. I have eaten a good bit of stuff. If I go overboard w/ the eating my extractions will get sore. I just hope after he does the permanent reline on the partial I will be able to eat w/ it in. I guess that is everything for now. I will post some new pictures soon.

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