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My Partial Denture Adventures by Lee
update 10-28
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My visit 10-28

Oct. 28,
I went in for xrays and a cleaning today.. I have only had my teeth cleaned one other time in my life.. I wasn't nervous about it at all.. This Dentist stuff is not so bad any more.. I guess it is just the initial visits that are so hard to do..
 When they took me back I reminded her that I needed to have my retainer tightened and I needed Don to ck my partial cause the front two teeth on it are to long and to far forward and my lips keep going under it and cutting it... I was preying that it would be time for a permanent reline..
She done the mouth xrays(before the surgery he was only able to do the panoramic xray because he didn't want to aggravate the bad teeth). She ask if I knew if he had finished with all the extractions that he had planned to do  and I told her I hoped so... I knew she had done found some stuff on the xray.. OH NO..
She scraped on my teeth forever.. It wasn't  bad till she was working on a tooth near an extraction site...She told me that I would have to use floride for a while to take care of some sensitive spots before I could do any bleaching(yeah more bad news).She showed me how to properly floss and was finally finished after working on my teeth for over an hour..
The dentist came in and was looking at the xrays with her and said I can not believe this.. I was oh no what now.. There is 2 more roots up there that he missed.. He said he had never done this before and he was sorry but the panoramic did not pick the roots up...I also have to have 5 more fillings.. and 2 crowns on the 2 bottom front teeth that the last dentist bonded together.. I was in shock.. More work and more money..
Next the dentist tightened the retainer for me and then took a look at my partial and I showed him the issue with the 2 front teeth on it.. And he said the lab really messed up with the front teeth and that is why it is always better to not get a partial or denture untill the extraction healed but I had did not want to walk around for months with 2  teeth missing right there in the front. He took them back and shortened the front teeth.. He said I was not ready for a reline that I still had some healing to do.. So he put them in and it didn't catch my lip anymore.. So we said our good byes and I walk up to the counter to see when I had to come back for 2 more extractions and she was confused with all that he wanted to do and had wrote down and went back to talk to him.. Well I started to mashing around on the partial to ck the fit before I left and they was shifting worse.. She came back and I told her something wasn't right so the dentist came back and looked and said there wasn't anything he could do till we done a permenant reline..  I got my mirror out and now the teeth aren't touching my gums at all. they are floating.. I don't know if he will have them fixed or not I hope so it looks awful. I don't know.. If I worked a normal job I would probably complain but I stay at home and don't have to put them in till I have to go to  town for something.. He patted me on the back and told me that in the end I would have a beautiful smile.. I can only go on his word.. He is not going to charge me for the fillings and is only going to accept the insurance money for the crowns.. THANK GOD...So I go back Dec. 2 and get the 2 extractions and 2 fillings. Hopefully it will be time for the reline by then.. I was sure hoping to have a big smile by Christmas.. But I just keep in mind that it is alot better than it was and it takes time.. It will be after January before I get the crowns and the three other fillings..
I will send Dena some new pics soon.. There is some visual change in the shifting of my front teeth but that is about it..

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