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My Denture Adventures

Lee's Adventure getting partials (beginning her journey)

Pics 2007
Awful Before Pics
Pics Gums and Denture
My Lower Teeth
My Family
Audio Clips
Pics June 10th
9-29-04 Update
Pics 10-26
Wax Impressions
Got My Perms
Lower Restoration
My Lower Partial
Pics my perms
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Below you will find a link to Lee's site that I created for her. I will be adding to her site as she sends me the updates. I have set her site up like mine so that its easier to find what you are looking for. You will find the link for Lee's site under her picture below. 

My friend Lee is in the process of starting her journey getting partial dentures. She will be doing a diary and emailing me her notes so that I can post them on her site, for others to learn about the process of getting partial dentures. Check back for updates on Lee's progress.

Lee's Before Picture

Lee's Partial Denture Adventures