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My Denture Adventures


Pics 2007
Awful Before Pics
Pics Gums and Denture
My Lower Teeth
My Family
Audio Clips
Pics June 10th
9-29-04 Update
Pics 10-26
Wax Impressions
Got My Perms
Lower Restoration
My Lower Partial
Pics my perms
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On this page I will detail each dentist visit. Check back often I will update after each dentist visit. Just click on a dentist visit date to read about that appt. If its underlined you can click to read that topic or appt. Once you have read the topic you chose use your browser's 'back' button to return to the postings page you can then navigate the rest of the site with the buttons at the left.

My email requesting help from dentists and social service agencies, Jan '04'

My dentist visit 4-12, 3wks post extraction

My dentist visit 5-06-04, Soft reline with pics

Having first impressions, my experience

My feelings about adusting to the sight of an empty mouth and new dentures

What I am able to eat at 7 1/2 weeks into new Dentures

My Progress so far, 6-11 3 Months with Immediates

Coming Soon....

My Dentist Appt 8-26-04

Coming Soon...

coming soon....