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My Denture Adventures

Pics and Audio with and without Teeth

Pics 2007
Awful Before Pics
Pics Gums and Denture
My Lower Teeth
My Family
Audio Clips
Pics June 10th
9-29-04 Update
Pics 10-26
Wax Impressions
Got My Perms
Lower Restoration
My Lower Partial
Pics my perms
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This is how my face looks with and without my denture in place.

Note: If you are using some sort of Internet Accelerator that you can adjust or turn off, the sound clip may not play with a high acceleration. I had this problem with my MSN service. Also if the sound clip seems choppy allow it to play completely and then play it again, that sometimes makes it clearer the second time around lol.
my face without my teeth
link below to hear voice without my teeth in, just saying hi, and reading my horoscope 4-28-04

HI, without teeth

horoscope without teeth

my face with my denture in.
link below for voice with denture in place and reading my horoscope 4-28-04

HI, with teeth

horoscope with teeth

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