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Dentist visit 11-17-04

Ok It has taken me a bit to get this up and posted. It was a really trying experience. I was soooo nervous but anxious at the same time. When I sat in the chair I couldnt take my eyes off of all the instruments on the table behind me. OH boy I was scared. My dentist gave me plenty of meds to numb my mouth. He told me that he didnt think he would have to numb my entire mouth that the lower jaw numbing should be fine but if at any time I had any pain to be sure to let him know he is a firm believer in pain free dentistry. Thank goodness. He completely numbed the areas with a q-tip swab before giving me injections to completely numb for the procedures. Once I was numb as numb could be we got started. I can honestly say that I felt no pain whatsever around the teeth during the whole process. The only pain that I had was his tool scraped the roof of my mouth. I made a kinda moan and he asked real quickly what was wrong. I had to try to explain what was wrong with me with a numb mouth but I got my point accross and he had my open my mouth a little wider that did the trick no more scraping. He drilled and drilled those rotten teeth. I was sure there would be nothing left lol. I didnt have a problem one with the drilling. It didnt hurt a bit. My problem was the water pik that the assistant had to use to keep everything cleaned up. My dentist put it in just the right words. He said "I know it seems like we are trying to drown you just a sec let me let you sit up and take a breath" I just had to keep breathing in and out of my nose and try to relax. Which was very hard to do. I just knew at any moment he would hit a nerve or something. Well he didn't, once he was done with the drilling. He had the assistant bring over the materials to resurface the tooth. I dont know the exact stuff he used. But he did talk about a base coat, primer coat and final coat. Sounded like we were painting a car lol. He had this material on the crook of his hand near the thumb and a little tool to apply to my teeth. Reminded me of a painter lol. He worked and worked on those three teeth. Then he had to polish them. Once he was done he had his assistant lean over and take a look. She told him "Those teeth look great". He turned to me and said that he worked in a team environment that there have been times that the assistant has said nope thats not quite right and had to do some more work. So that made me feel better knowing that even as qualified as he is he was willing to take a second opinion on his work. Once they were both satisfied with the teeth he had her bring over a mirror so I could see. I was amazed. They looked so wonderful. He then had me do some more impressions with the repaired teeth. He had me put the wax impression in my mouth (the lower partial and upper that we had done the week before) he said that on the upper he was not satisifed with the bite of the wax impression so he had me bite down with the wax impression in my mouth and then put in some more of that goo stuff so that it would form around the wax impression and form the bite that he was looking for. He had me do the same with the wax impression for the partial lower denture. Once he was satisfied with all he took them out and said that they were going to send them back to the lab to have my permanent upper denture and partial lower denture made. He told me that since the following week would be Thanksgiving that it they should be ready sometime the following week. So here I sit just waiting on that phone to ring so that I can go pick up my brand new teeth lol.
  I will say that I was very nervous with my restored teeth for the first week or so. I was just sure that the material would chip off of my teeth and leave me right where I started. SO far nothing has happened. They are wonderful. I cant get over running my tongue all over those teeth and not feeling any sharp edges etc. I am not constantly getting food stuck in the rotten areas. Its Heaven!!!!!
   The afternoon that I got home my dentist had told me to expect some discomfort. He said that it shouldnt be to severe that Ibuprofen or something similar should take away the discomfort. He said "Your mouth is going to let you know that I was in there messing around"  I really laughed at that. I can say that it was a bit sore for about 4 days. Nothing unbearable but was painful especially when I tried to brush around the gum areas of those teeth. I took extra care when brushing during that period but now its all completely gone. NO PAIN!!!!!
  What really surprised be about the whole dentist visit day...... I was in the middle of cooking dinner when the phone rang. It was 5 o'clock on the dot. I looked at the caller ID and it was the dentist office. I answered, A male voice asked for me. told them that it was me. It was my dentist. Saying "Hi Dena I just wanted to make sure that all the numbness has went away." I told him yes. He then asked if I was doing ok if the pain was unbearable. I told him it was a little tender and painful but I was ok. He said that he had wanted to just check up on me before he left the office for the day. How sweet and considerate. SO thats how my dentist visit went I am doing fine and with wonderful newly restored lower teeth just waiting on the rest of them to come back from the lab lol.
    There are pics of my lower restored teeth in the Lower Teeth section. I did a side by side comparsion before and after. So take a look. I am really impressed with how they turned out.

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